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A trip to Edinburgh is a unique cultural experience quite unlike anything else the world can offer. The romantic capital fuses historic charm, stunning architecture and lashings of heritage to showcase everything which makes Scotland great.

The first port of call should, of course, be a trip to Edinburgh castle, an iconic landmark which towers impressively over the Princes Street Gardens atop an extinct volcano. Then, get your bearings with a trip to the Camera Obscura, which allows views of the cityscape from the top of the Royal Mile and boasts galleries of mind-bending optical illusions and tricks of the light.

Indulge in a light spot of afternoon tea in the Balmoral, where the hand painted ceilings, white banisters and melodic harpsichord music set a tasteful atmosphere, or dine in its Michelin star Number One restaurant.

The exemplary travel links from Edinburgh airport incorporate Edinburgh Zoo, and pass its entrance every twenty minutes. The conservation capital of Scotland boasts Sun bears, Tapirs, Tigers and a comical daily penguin parade through the beautifully cultivated parkland. Explore the gruesome and gothic aspects of 'Auld Reekie’. Head underground to the dank dungeons and Museum of Torture, and explore the vaults which housed dying plague victims. In Greyfriar's graveyard some of the most notorious characters from Scottish history are interred, including its famous canine namesake, Greyfriars' Bobby, and the world's very worst poet, William McGonagall. If this name sounds familiar for another reason, it may be because J.K Rowling penned much of her Harry Potter series while overlooking the plots of Greyfriar’s, and the gravestones inspired the names of many of the residents of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After a game of spot the wizard, top it all off with a pint in the Banshee’s Labyrinth, the most haunted pub in Scotland. All conveniently located centrally just off Princes Street, The Scottish National Galleries exhibit some of the finest examples of artwork in the world, from Leonardo and Botticelli to Van Gogh and Jeff Koons. There are often impromptu Scottish ceilidhs to be sampled in the many vibrant and friendly hostelries to be found on the Royal Mile and Canongait, or fresh and quirky comedy to be discovered at The Stand, which hosts new talent nights at least once a week.

Edinburgh is also a remarkably green city with stunning gardens and expansive parkland integrated into the landscape of the city. The Royal Botanical Gardens has the largest collection of living plants in the world in hothouses which date from the 17th century. You can also time your visit during the world class Edinburgh festival to sample the crème de la cultural crème in the words of Edinburgh’s literary heroine Miss Jean Brodie, or stride the Royal Mile in time with the beat of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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